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Marriage is a holy bonding between two souls and in Indian culture, marriage has its own accolade. But at the present scenario, number of marriage brake ups have grown in alarming stage. What is the reason behind it? Hence, in this article, the famous astrologer & vashikaran specialist in Nagpur Pt. B.K Shastri Ji will explain the hidden astrological reasons related to separation, break up or divorce in marriages.

Why the Marriages Break

What usually we think as a reason of break up? Possibly, it is because of lack of love and bonding between the couple. But, what would be the possible reason when it’s a love marriage, not a traditional arranged marriage? Even, it is often seen that a couple deeply in love break up just after their marriage. But why? What would be the reason behind it? The actual fact is that the reasons are beyond human comprehension. The only common thing in these cases is the presence of some sudden hostile situations, bitter experience. But, again the question is Why So! Only astrology can answer this.

Marriage Break Explanation in Astrology

According to the Vedic astrology, the planets in the 7th and 8th house have the maximum influence on the couples in their married life. Particularly, the 7th house and its lord denotes the spouse and partner. There are some essential planetary combinations mentioned in the ancient astrological texts that result to marital problems and dissatisfaction between the couple.

In the foundation book of Indian Astrology ‘Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra’, Rishi Parasara describes the following points about the 7th house –

Separation of the couple is indicated when the 7th house lord is in the house of its enemy or if the 7th lord is debilitated or if the 7th lord is receiving aspects from malefics or is in ‘astangatva’(close conjunction with Sun).

Separation is indicated if the 7th lord is positioned in 6th, 8th or 12th houses and in combination with malefic planets.

Separation is indicated if malefic planets occupy or aspect the 7th house .

Varahamihira in his ‘Bruhajjataka’ adds –

If the native has a combination of good and bad planets in the 7th house, the person will have more than one marriage. This perspective is also endorsed by Kalayna Varma in his ‘Saaravali’.

Mantreswara in his ‘Phaladeepika’ says –

If Venus or the 7th lord is overlapped between malefics or allied with malefics or aspected by malefics, it is the cue of losing the partner.

Save Marriage

If you are facing sudden difficulties in your marriage, or your love marriage is losing its passion, consult astrologer for husband back, wife back and revival of your marriage, Feel free to consult the vashikaran specialist in Nagpur Pt. B.K Shastri Ji here as vashikaran often has immense credibility in saving difficult and troubled relationships. Moreover, marriage is a sacred bond and it is important to try your course to save and maintain this relationship. So, identify your reasons of marriage problems and save it from break up and divorce.

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