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Make Love Life Easy With Astrological Help By B.K. Shastri

Are you in a love relationship that is troubled or disapproved by the parents? Don’t panic, these are usual problems in love. There may be more severe problems in love life as intercaste marriage problems, love triangle etc. But all these problems have just one solution – the black magic. Do you fear Black Magic? No need! Black magic is not as it is represented always. Like all other Vedic mantras, these black magic mantras are too defined for well being of the mankind. It is we, the humans, who misuse the power of holy mantras, rituals. But, the popular black magic expert in Kerala, Pt. B.K Shastri Ji is well known for his fair practice of Black Magic to help people solve their love problems.

How Babaji Unveil Your Soulmate

By reading your horoscope and sun signs, Babaji forecasts all about your soulmate and also about possible hurdles in your relationship. Not only the predictions, but Babaji offers you the solutions too. Now look at how Babaji unveils all the information about your future partner.
The first thing starts with the 12 zodiac signs, which are divided among the 4 elements-
Fire – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius who lean towards adventures & excitement in life
Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn who aim for material safety & Practicality
Wind – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius who prefer communicating over any other aspect
Water – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces who prefer emotional depth & security in a relationship
Individuals who share the same element tend to share the same sorts of goals, and hence are more compatible. But this is not enough to confirm that the person is perfect to be your soul mate.
For a better answer, it is equally important to consider the position of Sun, Venus, and Moon as well. Moon indicates our emotional wellbeing, Sun indicates our life goals, and Venus indicates our relationship goals.

7th House

7th house in the birth chart is positioned opposite to ascending or rising sun. As it is always claimed that opposites always attract so, checking the 7th house would help you know the zodiac sign to which you would be attracted.

Mars & Venus

An angular relationships between Mars and Venus also showcase the harmony of a happy, romantic, and adorable couple. The angular position between these two planets is highly crucial. The 1200 and 600 angular position are most promising. While 900 and 1800 angular position delivers challenges. If a planet is 100 in one chart and 50 to 150 in other, then they are moderately compatible.

Outer Planets

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus are also essential in deciding compatibility of a relationship. Consideration of the aspects between outer planets and Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter, which are the personal planets are also important.

North Node of Moon

North Node is the point where Moon intersects the path while moving towards the Northern Hemisphere. When a special person enters into the life then your North Node will get activated.
So, with help of your birth chart and love astrology our black magic specialist in Nashik Pt. B.K Shastri Ji will identify the correct time and type of your soul mate. Visit us to know more.

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