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Suffering From Hair Loss? Get Natural Astrology Remedies for Hair Loss from Astrologer B.K. Shastri

Suffering From Hair Loss? Get Natural Astrology Remedies for Hair Loss from Astrologer B.K. Shastri

Hair fall is nothing but losing a lot of tresses from different body parts especially from the head. When a person tends to lose his hair rapidly, s/he advances towards baldness. Pt. B.K. Shastri Ji, one of the best pandit online, understand that baldness is a serious problem and person suffering from it needs to treat it immediately to stop such hair loss from progressing.
There are many reasons of hair loss problem. It can be either genetic or due to hormonal issues. Pregnancy is also a strong contributor to reasons behind female hair loss. Other causes can be HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy, malnutrition and hypothyroidism.
Pandit Ji, the best astrologer, feels that baldness or hair loss can be caused due to psychological distress. There are various remedies available now and many hair loss treatments are also made avail to patients in the market too. This article will focus on why hair fall occurs and what are the Astrology Remedies for hair loss.

In-Depth Look into Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss with each passing day becomes a serious issue. Gone are the days when people above 50 would experience loss of hair. It has become a common problem and sight to see young women and men experiencing hair fall. There are many of us who cannot afford high-end treatments for it and fighting back every day but without any success.
If you happen to be one among the many people who are experiencing this problem, then you have landed yourself in the right article. Pandit Ji, the Best Astrologer, will be talking about the reasons for hair loss and provide you with solutions to stop it. To start with, you need to know what causes it and then only you can find solutions to it.
The simple reason why hair starts to thin or fall out is due to low supply of blood. There are also other reasons if it’s within the family, or due to stress, poor diet, and medicines or due to certain diseases.
When we talk about poor diet, it means lack of Vitamins. You may be even surprised that due to lack of vitamins, is considered to be one of the main reasons for hair fall and other health issues. A rich balanced diet is very essential for healthy hair. Foods like milk, meat and milk products such as almonds, eggs, fruits, and fish and vegetables are a must!
Researches have shown recently that tension and stress create hormonal reactions that cause loss of hair. Tension increases the hormones such as testosterone, affecting the hair roots causing hair fall. Make sure you are leading a stress-free life by not smoking, or drinking or regularly exercising and consuming vitamin-rich foods.
When you are in taking medications, they have certain side effects and causes hair fall. There are chances when one has certain diseases there will be hair fall as well. Pandit Ji does not recommend one to have hair transplant surgeries or weaving as it does not provide 100% cure to hair fall. Instead, you can try out Pandit Ji suggested astrological remedies which are 100% natural and free from side effects. Pandit Ji, who happens to be a well-known and one of the Best Astrologer, have helped people who have been suffering from extreme hair loss and after following his remedies they have seen positive results.
Providing remedies and reasons for good hair, hair fall, anti-dandruff problems with help of astrology. You can try out this simple astrology remedies for hair loss and take care of your hair on daily basis.

Astro Reasons for Hair Loss, White Hair And Dandruff As Explained By The Astrologer

Good hair tends to increase your beauty whether you are a boy or girl. Who does not want to have good hair! Today we will talk about how you can stop or avoid fast hair fall.
-When the sun is weak, hair fall starts to occur from sides of the head but it remains in middle. Weak sun removes the volume and bounce of the hair.
– If one’s Moon is on the weaker side, hair fall tends to occur from the middle of their scalp and becomes lighter and lighter day by day.
– If one’s Mars is on the weaker side, there is a tendency of suffering from baldness as it may ultimately to delay in marriage as we all know that having weaker Mars delays marriage prospectus.
– Weak Jupiter light or vanishes the hair as well from the middle portion of the scalp during 18 -24 years of age. It happens, and then one should consider facing difficulties in marriage or even possibilities of delay in marriage.
– Saturn tends to lighten and vanish the hair due to depression, and hair fall occurs from the whole portion of the head, where you may feel your head to increase but hair vanishes from your head.
– Due to a severe cough, hair tends to become white making it much weaker or stronger by Venus. Due to weak Rahu or Venus, hair tends to become white early.

Astro Upay To Get Good Hairs By The Astrologer

– Avoid Stress, pollution, anxiety, smoking, bad eating habits, and alcohol. We all are currently consuming food which increases heat in the body, and also increases acidity in the stomach. This leads to the weakening of hair roots.
– Try and not get much angry. Anger is something which makes people lose more hair. Intake of Shankpushpi, Bramahi, and Avla gives nutrition to hair, or by rubbing fingernails off with each other helps in blood circulation well in our body and hair roots.

– If hair becomes mild, and you want to increase your hair volume, then take 1 liter of mustard oil, add 8-10 cent of coral, if not coral, then add 5-6 sarsaparilla wood. Place this mixture under the sun for a week and then start using the oil to massage it on your head at night before going to sleep and wash it off early in the morning. Making the oil stay at hair roots for the longest period of time makes it healthier and nourishes it which prevents it from further hair fall.

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