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Indian Pandit Explains about Water Signs and Their Characteristics in Detail

Indian Pandit explains that the twelve zodiac signs are further grouped into four elements – earth, fire, water and air. Each of these groups has their own distinct traits. Together, they form the twelve distinctive zodiac signs and each is dependent on other on some way or the other.

Fire Signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Air Signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Water Signs: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Element Chart of the Zodiac

Fire – Spontaneous, Spirit, exciting, dynamic, expressive, active, attractive

Negative – Arrogant and overly forceful

Earth – Functional, reliable, Physical, conservative, sensual, practical

Negative – Stubborn and Materialistic

Air – Intellect, open-minded, communicative, logical, lighthearted sociable

Negative – Unreliable and Aloof

Water – Emotions, protective, sensitive, deeply feeling, intuitive, receptive

Negative – Wishy-washy and Moody

Indian Pandit explains that water signs are the ones which transports each to dreamlands, receiving mystic vibrations from the universe and informs the people under this water signs be mystic and have sixth sense of their own. Some of the water signs tune with other signs and these zodiac signs are the most sensitive and warming of all the signs. They are: Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. While our five senses are mostly important to us, but the beautiful thing about sixth sense is that it can sense things around them and even forecast events but cannot see it. No matter the body state, the sixth sense will always remain within them. It can tend to become weak over the time if it gets ignored. It can also grow deeper and stronger with patience and time. However, if you are a water sign, then feel that you are blessed. Born naturally with powerful sixth sense, you can able to experience a whole new world through the eyes of psychic.

Zodiacal Order of the Astrological Year

Aries– March 20 – April 18 – Fire

Taurus– April 19 – May 19 – Earth

Gemini– May 20 – June 20 – Air

Cancer– June 21 – July 21 – Water

Leo– July 22 – August 21 – Fire

Virgo– August 22 – September 21 – Earth

Libra– September 22 – October 22 – Air

Scorpio– October 23 – November 20 – Water

Sagittarius– November 21 – December 20 – Fire

Capricorn– December 21 – January 18 – Earth

Aquarius– January 19 – February 17 – Air

Pisces– February 18 – March 19 – Water

Indian Pandit Explains Mysticism of Cancer – The Observer

After close examination, the Cancer zodiac sign as having the following characteristics: gnawing, healing, intelligence, intuition, justice, life, magic, order, penetration, sacrifice, spiritual protection, stealth, defense, determination, fearlessness, fertility, creation, cunning, death, deception, pursuit, protection, psychic perception, power, regeneration, relentlessness, strength, tenacity, the Underworld, water, and wisdom. Indian Pandit Ji observes that Cancers are deeply sentimental and intuitive. Cancer can be one of the most sensitive and challenging zodiac signs to know. They are very sensitive and emotional and deeply care about the family matters and their home. Cancer is attached and sympathetic to people whom they keep close. Those born under the zodiac of Cancer are very loyal and empathize with other people’s sufferings and pain. Lack of patience and love can manifest through mood swings, and even self-pity, selfishness or manipulation. They are quick to help people, just as they are quick to avoid any conflict, and benefit rarely from the close combat of any kind, always choosing to hit someone bigger, stronger or even powerful than they can imagine. Cancer zodiac sign belong to Water element, just like Pisces and Scorpio. Guided by their heart and emotion, they could have a hard time blending into surrounding around them. Ruled by the moon, the phases of the cycle of lunar deepen their characteristics and internal mysteries creating a fleeting of emotional patterns which are far beyond control at times. As children, they don’t seem to coping and defensive mechanisms for the outer world.

Indian Pandit Explains Mysticism of SCORPIO – The Digger

Over the time, Indian Pandit ji has noticed that scorpions are naturally inclined towards extremes of life. They love adventure and seek for it everywhere. There is nothing too little for them as they like everything in extremes. They seek and desire to see and experience all at once, even it is terrifying. They love challenges and push every limit to face the dark side which no other signs would will to do so. They seek knowledge and power which leads to them as being called as Digger. Because a Scorpio understands the true meaning of light and darkness, they are able to see things that no one can see or experience.

Indian Pandit Explains Mysticism of Pisces – The Dreamer

Pisces is the last zodiac sign and thus it is full of wisdom which only comes with experience and old age. It is said that if one is born under this zodiac sign, then one is inevitably tied to its spiritual plane. The perception of the earthly affair is woven with imaginative images from a realm which is not easily perceived by naked eyes. Indian Pandit B.K. Shastri ji, even says that only the ancient souls of Pisces are the ones who have the ability to stay both in real and imaginative world all together. Carrying a world of imagination, the subconscious mind of people born under this zodiac is astoundingly brimming with ideas and truth. Their dreams and thoughts often contain messages from alternative universe and people born under this sign have probable paranormal experience for once throughout their life course.