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Get Love Compatibility with Astrology Elements by Best Astrologer in Bangkok

In our astrology, we have four elements which are the very basis of influencing the character of our twelve zodiac signs. Fire, Earth, Air and Water are the four elements which each of the signs belongs to that actually forms the very basis of our entire personality. At a very deep level, these four elements unite with the different zodiac signs that forms our way of looking at everyday life, making relationships work and easier to build. Pt. B.K. Shastri, the Best Astrologer in Bangkok, observes that if you share the same element with your partner, walking the aisle or life becomes much easier. Even if you two are from different background or culture, sharing the same elements makes you have an shared outlook on the way world works. What some calls it ‘hitting off’, other refers to as ‘Chemistry’, and in astrology it is called as ‘sharing the same element’.

As easy as any relationship of similar elements works, there are many relationships that gets way too fast and comfortable. In later stage, it drifts apart if your partner and you have very much in everything in common. Zodiac sign with most friction will inevitable enjoy a good transformative relationship. The opposing elements are the elements which will most compliment you. Any of the signs which belong to opposing element are most likely to match for you if one can handle someone by bring a unique approach to their relationships.

Know the Future of Same Element Relationships by Best Astrologer in Bangkok

Two Fire Signs

The Fire signs constitute of three zodiac signs: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. The fire element signifies energy. Pandit ji, the best astrologer in Bangkok, observes that when two people falling under this fire elements and gets together, there is a huge mutual understanding. If both the fire elements gels well and agree on same action course, one should better watch out – as they are definitely going to make things a wonder. In love, they have a relationship which can manifest their relationship faster and deeper. Often the strongest relationships happen to be those who are mentally strong, and these elements happen to be one of them.

Two Earth Signs

The three signs of element Earth are Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. This element focuses and signifies on materialism. The best astrologer in Bangkok, Pandit Ji over the years have observed that when earth signs starts to date, the practical side of their relationship as to why they should be together is discussed right away. The commitment hurdles will be more based on cultural and economic differences than passion or emotion. Both of them have concrete expectations and goals for their relationship to take things further along.

Two Air Signs

The three Air Signs are: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. An air sign signifies ideas. When two air signs get together, the communication is to the core. Pandit Ji, who happens to the best astrologer in Bangkok, feels that discussing options and exchanging ideas is the method in which both the signs can establish and build a strong foundation of trust of their relationship. If one talk more, the other keeps silent and understands the whole conversation is heading

Two Water Signs

The three water signs are: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. The element water signifies emotions. When two elements of water are in a relationship, both the parties understand each reasoning and approach towards life. Since both of them have psychic ability to understand what needs to be done for a relationship, two of them find a place for mutual respect and love. Two water signs always swims together and well and this is the way they find being together easy

Know How Opposing Element Relationships Works By Best Astrologer in Bangkok

Fire and Air The opposing element from each Fire element is the Air sign. Air challenges the element fire to think about what exactly they are doing in their life. The philosophical aspect of life is not a priority for Fire. Fire demands from Air to get up and start doing something about life, rather than sitting around and discussing what should be or not be done. Fire signs demands love and not hear about love. Hence, both these signs are compatible with each other.

Earth and Water The opposite signs from each Water Sign are the Earth sign. This is a reminder for those who have partners of earth or water signs or both signs being together that the need and desire for love is pure and given to each partner unconditionally goes too well with Earth’s logic of love. This is exactly why an Earth and Water signs make up a good heavenly match and a beautiful partnership. . Hence, both these signs are compatible with each other.

The Other Elemental Relationships

Fire and Earth- People born under earth Signs are huge inspirations to the Fire element, as one’s actions yields good results. A Fire-Earth relationship will last long if the rules includes what should be done and not within their zodiac boundaries.

Fire and Water-People born under Water zodiac signs looks up to Fire sign doings with a deep admiration and desire to know how they work and think. The capacity that every water element feels to inspires with a purpose in actions of fire signs.

Earth and Air- An Air-Earth affair will be strong if each of the partners has any specific role to play and adhered to. Air signs usually have great ideas and Earth signs help in making them happen, but Air signs needs extra hard work to put in to give their relationship a direction and what would be attainable as a partner.

Air and Water- Air signs can live in the theoretical realm and not even notice disconnect in between how they think and behave. A Water sign on the other hand brings an emotional side into their life for balancing logic into their life.