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Vastushastra is one of the traditional Hindu system of architecture which means the "science of architecture." The principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry are described in the Indian subcontinent

Buying a house is not an easy thing. Every human being purchases house in order to get settle down. Nowadays due to increasing demand flat costs are increasing day by day whether it is city or rural area. Hence buying a flat requires huge investment. Similarly it is been observed that new house always brings lots of changes in ones changes, but these changes results in positive or negatives depends upon the forces. It is not only necessary that the house should have proper vastu but it is also necessary that the house vastu and the owners zodiac sign should be compatible enough to result in positivity. Hence everyone thinks twice before making such a big investment.

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Now taking decisions to purchase a house is easy with the help of Shastriji. Shastriji provides expert guidance in relation vastushastra. nowadaysnot only individuals but builders also come to shastriji for vastu guidance. Everyone needs guidance in their life in some or the other time. Panditiji provides all types of solution according to one’s problem.

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