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Western or Vedic Astrology? Which One is the Best Remedies Service Provider?

According to astrological science, planets happen to represent certain energies, and in fact, emit certain electric and magnetic fields which influence the human being lives. The horoscope is like a map representing planets at the time of one’s birth and place of birth that shows the planetary positions and relationships to a newborn child. Vedic Astrology in India is regarded as the Best Remedies Service Provider to anyone facing any troubles in life. Astrology is the science of studying the conjoined influences of these stellar bodies on the human being. Vedic Astrology reading provides definition to such influences on how they have an effect on the person’s destiny who’s chart is being read.

Vedic Astrologer Pt. B.K. Shastri – The Best Remedies Service Provider

Vedic Astrology or also called ‘Jyotish Vidya’ or science of light origins from India ever since the times of pre-dating Christian era. It was not constricted then but rather got its recognition through the enlightened vision of our ancient sage Parasara, who is considered to the original author of our Vedic texts. Only until very recently, Vedic astrology readings have been made worldwide available to people for a better understanding of their destiny.

Vedic astrology and Vedic philosophy readings assume that Law of Karma, which states that a human being works and lives within certain parameters are created by their own actions performed in their previous birth. Thus it is typically regarded as predictive in nature – since it can show you the results of such earlier actions will come to fulfillment in present life.

People living in western countries have very recently shown interest in Vedic Astrology and its readings since a collective trend towards the advancement in awakening consciousness now require different approach and tool with which one can give definition to new challenges faced in life. Given that people of all cultures are at such crossroads in their spiritual development, that Vedic Astrology is quickly becoming to be known as a very effective tool in providing clarity to solving challenges and dilemmas in life and hence considered to be the Best Remedies Service Provider in astrology. Pandit Ji is one of the Famous Pandit in India, who specializes in this art of Vedic readings.

What Does “Vedic” Mean?

The word “Vedic” originates from the word “Veda” in Sanskrit, which means Knowledge, in vast context. Vedic knowledge of astrology embodies every human area of experience. Thus it is not only spiritual but also technical, medical, cultural, political and astrological areas of study that were to be found in Sanskrit writings of Vedas. Although in modern times Vedic astrology and Vedic culture readings were most closely observed in India, the Vedic scriptures recorded in our historical writings were said to be spiritually and intellectually advanced culture dating back to over 5, 000 years ago of the human society. Vedic Astrology to this date is still regarded as the Best Remedies Service Provider in astrology throughout the world.

In the 1930’s, Swami Vivekananda was the first person to introduce Vedic culture in western countries and later by some of his followers. The true wisdom of the Vedas was more thoroughly implanted by Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, who furnished the Vedic scriptures in English volumes, with all vital relevance to spiritual and mental need of the people living Western countries.

A Close Look Into Vedic Vs Western Astrology — Which Is The Best Remedies Service Provider In Astrology?

The first thing one notice when the Vedic and Western chart is compared is that both the charts look very different from each other. We are probably much more familiar with round shaped Western Chart; whereas the Vedic chart is square. If you are familiar with Western Astrology, you might observe upon close careful examination that Vedic Chart will appear to have the planets aligned with wrong signs of constellations. A birth chart or also known as natal chart reveals different house changes and signs of planets in the Vedic Chart.

For example, suppose, in accordance to Western Astrology, your zodiac sign is in Capricorn, but it could be in Sagittarius in the Vedic System. The planets and rising sign might also be little bit unfamiliar signs. However, it does not imply or means that Vedic Astrology is inaccurate. It simply calculates the horoscope differently. The interpretations are most often more accurate than in western astrology. Hence, you will see many people follow the Vedic scriptures and consider it to be the Best Remedies Service Provider in astrology.

Western Astrology emphasizes the individual psychological nature but lacks dependability in predicting future events and cycles. Although Vedic Astrology also defines a psychological nature of a person, it gives more focus to understand when a certain event might likely to take place.

Astronomical Differences between Western and Vedic Astrology

The basic difference between these two systems is that Western Astrology is Tropical and Vedic Zodiac is sidereal. In sidereal astrology, the zodiac is aligned with the 27 constellations, or with the fixed star groups. The first zodiac sign is Aries, which aligns with the first constellation, called the Aswini. In tropical zodiac, the point in space when the Sun crosses the equator of Earth’s is the beginning zodiac point or Aries.

It is observed that the Vedic and the Western Aries were on the same zodiacal plane around 285 AD. Because of the Equinoxes precession, at present, there is about 24 degree of differences approximately. Thus, all the planets in Vedic horoscope including the rising sun is about 24 degrees earlier than it would have been in a Western Chart.

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