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The Best Astrologer in India Explains Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Sun is in the centre of creation and Vedic Astrology and the Best Astrologer in India Pandit B. K. Shastri Ji will explain the deep rooted facts and truths of the celestial body – Sun. Sun or the Surya Dev is extremely important in holding the divine creation, the universe. Every living being is directly dependant up on the Sun and it is must to respect the source of life.

Best Astrologer in India Explains Sun as Father & Life Giver

Sun always acts as the giver to the entire living creature. As we all know, the Universe is created by Tridev – Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Bhramha; but human life is controlled by the Nine planets or the Nab Grahas. Also, there are five major Gods (Pancha Mahadeva – Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Lord Surya and Ma Durga) who have put their endeavour to settle the creation and the earth. They have granted control and authority to the nine Grahas to control human life and their Karma. On the other hand, Sun is placed and chosen as the representative of the Pancha Mahadeva who is the ultimate keeper of the entire Universe, the infinite Creation. Now, our most trusted and the Best Astrologer in India Pandit B.K. Shastri Ji will tell you how the Sun God influences our life and activities.

Best Astrologer in India Explains Astrological Influence of Sun

People who get Sun as their ruling planet are tend to have certain physical features like – honey coloured eyes, light shade of body & hair colour, large and round face, average stature. The Sun is the ruler of the Eastern side and the summer season (Grishma Ritu). Sun also represents a native’s father in a birth chart while in a woman’s birth chart Sun is often considered as the representative of her husband. In another school of astrology, Jupiter is considered as the representative of husband. In service of professional field Sun represents the administrative head or the Government.

Sun bestow us with power of impedance, vigour; rules our cognizance and denominates personality; offers life force and makes one firm and conclusive. By nature Sun is hot, dry, masculine and life giver and also owns the power of assimilation of the nature. Sun influences any planet within an orbit of 8 ½ degrees of its conjunction. Sun represents health, critical values, general prosperity, office positions, rank and title, government affairs, new trades, publicity, popularity, superiority, supercilious persons.

In health part, Sun governs the sides, upper part of back, heart, right eye of the male and left eye of female. If not strangled by adverse inclination or malefic aspects or association and is in a dignified position in the horoscope, Sun imparts an ambitious, proud, generous, candid, humanist, firm and venerable character. People ruled by Sun aim for the ruling positions and their sincere nature inspire others and earn respect for their abilities. In course of this the people ruled by Sun often tend to attain trustworthy, responsible and honorable positions. Sunday is Sun’s day, Gold is its metal, gems are Diamond and Ruby and Orange is its colour. Sun friends with Moon, Mars and Jupiter; Venus and Saturn are enemies, while Mercury acts neutral. Sun owns Leo and is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra.

If Sun is placed unfavourably or undignified in one’s birth chart, the native tend to be emphatic, disdainful, high-and-mighty, arrogant and overweening. These natives also are inclined to ill health. Inflammatory symptoms, eye trouble, heart disorders as well as loss of position, regard due to impulsiveness are common among these natives. Consult Best Astrologer in India Pandit B.K. Shastri Ji to know position and influence in your birth chart.

Important Yogas Based on the Status of Sun Explained by Best Astrologer in India

We already know that there are various Yogas in Vedic Astrology. Some of these Yogas are based on the positions of Sun and Moon while others depend on the other planetary positions. Besides several predictive systems introduced in the Vedic Astrology, the old sages practiced analyzing and predicting one’s characteristics and personal traits as well as possible future by studying certain planetary positions, combinations, conjunctions as well as exaltation and debilitation. So, what happens when status of Sun causes major Yogas? Let’s check out what the Best Astrologer in India Pandit B. K. Shastri Ji explains. There are three major Yogas caused by Sun’s position and status. Those are Veshi Yoga, Vassi Yoga and Ubhayachari Yoga.

Veshi Yoga

This Yoga takes place when there is a planet other than Moon, Rahu and Ketu in the 2nd house from Sun. Result of this yoga depends on the existence of benefic or malefic planet in this house. Natives with this Yoga are generally resolute, fascinating and have leadership qualities as well as extensive public contact. They shine in life due to their own hard work. Natives with benefic planets in the house usually inclined to spirituality, and are honest, peaceful. Natives with malefic planets in the house face diverse problems in his life.

Vassi Yoga

This Yoga is tractable when the 12th house from Sun homes planet other than Moon, Rahu and Ketu. In general, people with this Yoga have spiritual tendencies and get engaged in noble deeds like charity, donations etc. This Yoga with the benefic planet in the 12th house indicates intelligent and hardworking people who often earn favor of the government and senior authorities. This Yoga with the malefic planets may result in yielding negative results and difficulties.

Ubhayachari Yoga

Ubhayachari Yoga is formed when there are planets, excluding Moon, Rahu and Ketun, at the either side of Sun. This Yoga is actually the combination of both Veshi and Vassi Yoga in one’s chart. A person with this Yoga is usually well-behaved, scholarly and capable. When there are benefic planets, the native seems to be courageous. In case of presence of malefic planets, the native may have reduced positive effects of this yoga.


Sun is the ultimate source of life and its influence on mankind on every individual is endless. For any astrological assistance from the Best Astrologer in India contact Pandit B. K. Shastri Ji If you want to know more.