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Role of Rahu in Life As Observed By Best Astrologer in Fiji

In Vedic Astrology, each houses represents the cross boundaries that tries in achieving and balancing good and bad phases in life where in one which destroys the peaceful life, the other tries to bring tranquility and positivity in life by balancing it. The prime planet for worry is Rahu. When a person’s Rahu is strong such as debilitated Rahu or exalted Rahu, it gives away to wrongful deeds if placed in the house of Kama and in some cases in 1st//2nd/3rd/7th/8th/11th/12th house as observed by Pt. B. K. Shastri Ji, the Best Astrologer in Fiji.

Wrongful deeds makes a person does many bad things such as stealing wealth, forgery, desire, women, fraud, alcohol or smoking, or etc. The masters of all this deeds are due to Rahu and when it especially connects with Moon, it tends to overtake and control the qualities of Moon. The main quality of the moon is functioning or running the mind and thoughts occurring which one fail to control. In many cases, Pt. B. K. Shastri Ji, one of the Best Astrologer in Fiji, have observed in a certain condition such as in same pad or nakshatra or degree wise, Moon and Rahu have the tendency to come closer. This is when people tend to involve in wrongful deeds.

Now let us explore the astrological reasons and causes contributing to Rahu based on one’s horoscope or birth chart: Jupiter is the planet which provide us with information about our past life and deeds in our birth chart. Whereas Venus indicates us all about the family which one person has taken birth in. Therefore to know about one tendency to act in a wrongful manner or way, both these planets are needed to be analyzed. If Jupiter is not placed well in the horoscope, it may lead to further deeds which can escalate to great heights and people may face difficulty in overcoming the desire to do wrongful deeds. Venus analysis in the birth chart is also important since it helps in balancing out the Jupiter to some extent and by knowing both their position, a course of action can be taken.

How Rahu Plays Determining Role in Life As Explained By Best Astrologer in Fiji

Dashas that come after another dasha where the person suffers from weak Rahu is also being analyzed by Pandit Ji, the Best Astrologer In Fiji. If such dashas are of favourable planets or inauspicious time or in yogakaraka planets, then the possibility of doing the deeds can be determined and diagnosed in its initial stage only and which can be avoidable easily. Shahtiyansh Kundli, Navansh Kundli, and Ashtamansha Kundli should also be analyzed before reaching out to any conclusion. When a home is under the negative Rahu effect, it will not have any unity, love or peacefulness. There will be jealousy and sibling rivalry seen with many fights noticed between family members. Rahu’s effect is not only limited to any particular person or home, but it can also show its effect on bigger residential area as well – like block of flats or neighborhoods. Children’s can become weak under its effect, can start talking about going away from home at an young age, or symptoms of showing to move away from permanently after getting a job.

A positive Rahu can help in securing goo name and fame in politics, civil services and engineering to name a few. A negative Rahu on the other hand can create mind illusions, which makes a person gives numerous excuses for everything they tend to do or are asked to do. However, Rahu also intensifies the energy, so if one is determined to work hard, then it will provide them with double energy to keep going. The energy is so strong that it can take them to other side of dark – towards the negative aspect of life such as gambler, criminal, etc. If one happens to undergo this Dasha or Mahadasha or if the Rahu is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house in kundali, you can take Pandit ji, the Best Astrologer In Fiji, advise and get remedies to overcome it.

The 7 Astrological Ways to Keep Positivity in Life As Suggested By Best Astrologer in Fiji

Pandit Ji, have discussed 7 top astrological way to keep abundance flow of positivity in life. If you follow even few of them, you might able to weaken you Rahu a bit.

1. Balancing Chakras: It is important to balance our body’s three chakras – the navel, root and solar plexus. Medication is a way to help in balancing them as well as sound and yoga vibrations etc. will help in controlling negativity.

2. Surya Namaskaar: Every day in the morning, the best remedies for curing any kind of troubles, issues or health problems is doing Surya Namaskaar. However, it needs to be performed with utter devotion and faith and during Braham Mahurat, i.e. the time when the sun rises.

3. Fasting on every Thursday and offering jaggery, yellow grams and water to a Banana tree and distributing sweets at the temple is another way of bringing positivity in life. Following it for a year straight will help in appeasing Jupiter and seeking redemption for your wrong deeds.

4. Offering meethi roti to cows on every Friday if you have a family history of any health issues. Follow this for lifetime and help in redeeming your following generation from wrong deeds and health issues.

5. Donating everything in yellow – clothes, food, sapphire etc to a priest will help in pacifying wrongly placed Jupiter at birth chart.

6. Donating white opal, zircon, ghee, diamond or sugar or clothes at any Maa Lakshmi temple or to little girls will help in appeasing Venus.

7. Exercise daily. Follow a healthy and good diet, controlling your weight and staying calm.