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Famous astrologer in india

The best astrologer in India specialist B.k Shastri also passes through the horoscope as well as the girl and the boy. The Horoscope & match matching is done by fully analyzing both charts (nine planets), not just one planet Moon, which is the only planet seen in Gun Milan, the effects of Mars observed also included in the analysis of both . Not unfavorable results even astrology to predict the future and give an alternative to your problem, as the best astrologer in India.

An Overview of Indian Vedic Astrology & a Vedic Astrologer

An Astrologer is the guide to the human who kept looking at the stars, planets for guidance for ages. Astrology is simply the study of the correlation between the astronomic positions of the planets and the events on earth. In Vedic astrology the astrologers believe that a person’s character depend up on the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of the individual’s birth. That planetary position affects the native’s destiny, as well as plays big and vital role in one’s life and activities.

What is Astrology?

Astrology or Jyotish literally means the ‘eye of the Veda.’ We all are more or less acquainted with astrology practice and most of us are aware of the 12 sun signs. We also tend to know the daily horoscope, other astrology, numerology predictions, suggestions etc. that come up on the newspapers, weekly or periodical magazines, various online portals, websites etc. Since these are the common convergence considering the generic means, one may think this is what astrology can predict and this much is doable by an astrologer. But, in reality, Astrology is much more than this.

Derived from the Latin word astrologia, this is the science of the stars. This is not a practice of today or the recent past but it is an ancient practice and adept worldwide. Astrology is primarily correlated with the cosmos, the stars and planets and how they influence the creatures on the earth. Though the predictive use of astrology is relatively new, the initial and ancient practice involved astrology to study climatic patterns of different regions, weather changes and forecast, to understand causes and following possibilities of certain events and the outcomes as well as to get rid of evil eye, remove black magic etc. This subject primitively falls under the metaphysics category as it is simply based on the age old theories of energy patterns, likewise the Aura reading, Reiki, Feng Shui, Acupuncture and Yoga. Moreover, the 12 zodiac signs are differentiated in 4 basic elements of the environment – Fire, Earth, Air and Water as well as in 3 fundamental qualities Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

Vedic Astrology Then & Now

From the very early period of ancient civilizations, astrology made its place, and was popularly utilized to understand and anticipate each and every event connected to all the areas of our daily life. Likewise, astrology is vastly used even today but the fields of interest have grown to numerous. In the last few centuries, this science has been used in several predictive ways like fortune telling, natal chart study and prediction of life events, remedial practices etc. Starting from personal fortune readings to understanding oneself, from getting insight about contents associated to relationships, marriage, career, health, wealth, business, finance etc.

Though the different cultures practice astrology in different ways, the root of every astrological tradition shares a common root that holds control over the unique and exclusive epistemology. Centuries before, the western countries and cultures used to practice Western Astrology, whereas, the ancient eastern civilizations and cultures focused on either the Chinese or the Vedic Astrology. But at present, all of these astrological practices are spread worldwide and people are benefited by all means. Vedic Astrology has earned an unparalleled popularity and dependency among Indians abroad as well as among the foreign mass.

A Vedic Astrologer

A person who has dedicated his / her life in studying Vedic scripts, learning the rituals and practices of Vedic Astrology and has earned expertise, experience and hold over the powerful mantras and practices, is called a Vedic Astrologer. This subject, also known as Jyotish Vidya includes the study of relationships between the ethereal bodies and the 12 Zodiac Signs and these relations and their interactions, effects on mankind are calculated and studied mathematically. An astrologer is the person who studies all these mathematical cycles, planetary movements, star and planet combinations, individual planetary positions and predicts consequently. Astrological predictions and revelations help an individual to understand his/ her intrinsic potentials and strength as well as it deals with the concept of Karma.

A Jyotish Babaji can prepare horoscope as well, which is the ultimate mathematical graph of an individual that represents the planetary positions, and other celestial happenings during the period of birth of the individual and keeps all the secrets of the person’s past, present and future within its mathematical calculations.

What Does Astrologer Specialist Pt. B.K. Shastri Feel?

As we feel at www.astrologerspecialist.com, Astrology can be effectively utilized as a potential instrument to apprehend ourselves as well as others around us. Though we can consider one’s natal chart or horoscope as the reflection of the character, we shouldn’t judge or label people based on their horoscope predictions. One can never know a person fully based on their birth chart. Even our Babaji never acclaims 100% perfection in his predictions as we all are human beings and we cannot talk over the almighty God. Hence, our interpretations can be nearly perfect, but we can’t claim them the Accurate!

Pandit B.K Shastri Ji is one of the leading astrologers in India who are equally popular in broad. His responsible and valued predictions and astrological remedies (where required) are serving and saving thousands of lives who believe on Vedic Astrology and Babaji.

Get Natal Chart Done by Astrologer Specialist Babaji

Now you can get you Natal Chart done by Pt. B.K Shastri Ji online. Simply contact us with your date of birth and birth place details and we will come back to you with your horoscope made by Pandit Ji. You can also consult Babaji to discuss your concerns and get faster solution. And, once you have the chart ready in your hand you can study the basics of the chart anytime, provided you learn the symbols and their meanings. Simply, your horoscope is the mirror where you can see your past, present, future and by following the astrological suggestions you can live a happy, successful and prosperous life ahead.