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Get Amazing Surya Mantra as Remedies to Cure Problems

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Surya Dev or the Sun God is the source of life and for the reason; we can’t deny the influence of the Sun on our physical condition. People who have Sun in their birth chart as the ruling planet, get certain physical features. But people who do not get Sun in the ruling position, or have in a neutral status, can be benefited by worshipping the Sun God and chanting Surya Mantra. As health and beauty is a great concern in both men and women these days, here in this article Pt. B. K. Shastri Ji will explain how we can use Surya Mantra as remedies to cure problems related to health and beauty.

Surya Mantra - The Remedies to Cure Problems

The Surya Mantra, the ultimate remedies to cure problems is said to be the secret behind our Indian flawless skin and hair. It is a Vedic mantra that is helping people curing all the hair and skin problems from the time immemorial. If a person follows the mantra with true dedication, will get rid of these issues for the lifetime. Surya Mantra is also regarded as the best mantra to boost hair growth as well. So, next time, when you find any trouble with your hair and skin, try out doing Surya Mantra. Best of all, the mantra is easy to follow and in the Vedic astrology it is considered to be the best way of having a beautiful skin. Surya Mantra is inclusive of spiritual words which are recited in our Hindu faith, as well as in Vedism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism at the same time. This mantra is said to stimulate the positive outcomes. If you are not aware of the mantra and wonders this mantra can do, we will help you to understand and decide for yourself.

Surya Mantra Gives Remedies to Cure Problems

The Surya Mantra is regarded as one of the best mantras to enjoy a healthy life. It is a very popular and famous mantra and probably you have heard of it. The Mantra is dedicated to the almighty Sun God, the ultimate representative of the universal beauty. Practising the mantra to worship Lord Sun is beneficial to all the human being, regardless of their religion. The only one way of worshipping the Sun is by chanting the Surya mantra in dedication to the Sun God- Surya Dev. The Surya Mantra is chanted to worship the Sun God, the chief solar deity, the ultimate problem solver and provider of best remedies to cure problems. Sun God is worshiped as one of the five important Gods by the Saura sect.

As it is explained by our Babaji Pt. B. K. Shastri Ji, when one recites this Surya mantra, the Lord bestows the Gift of beauty to the worshipper. This mantra will make your hair shine and skin glow which been stated in the sacred Vedic texts.

If you don’t happen to know, The Konark Sun Temple was sculpted ornately in the 13th century. This is the holy place to the Hindus for worshipping the Sun God portrayed through a vast Sun God Chariot, Surya. In the Hindu Vedic illustrations Surya is depicted as rising in the east and moving apace across the sky in a carriage drawn by seven horses. Hindus over the years have used the Surya mantra for thousands of years in order to obtain beautiful skin. It is said that the mantra revitalises life energy from inside and purifies the skin, leaving one looking beautiful. It is also said to cure skin diseases as well.

How to Use the Surya Mantra for Beauty

1. Rise early in the morning, followed by a shower or bath do the practice of Ayurvedic Swedana.

2. Sit outside in the morning Sun to practice Swedana.

3. Recite the following mantra for 108 times using a rosary (better to use a sandalwood mala).

ll Om Ghrini Suryay Namah ll

If translated, the mantra means “I bow to you, Oh! glowing Sun God.”

The Sadhana Mantra for Beauty

Apart from the Surya Mantra, there are thousands of mantras which have its own benefits to offer in Vedic astrology. There are many spiritual ways of attaining youthfulness and beauty by practicing the proper rituals and chanting the mantras with complete devotion.

One of the best techniques is the Sadhana Mantra for beauty. By reciting this mantra, one can bring out the pure beauty of one’s inner self. The mantra helps in relaxing one and good blood circulation throughout the body as well. This, in turn, eliminates all the bodily toxins, purifying and liberating the skin, and thus giving back the natural regime of youthfulness. Bear in mind that there are other mantras for weight loss as well including Surya mantra which helps with skin and hair simultaneously. Moreover, the Surya Pranam Yoga postures are also very much resourceful for weight loss, healthy stomach, good hair and skin.

After Surya Mantra, one can chant the Chandra Mantra as well. According to Pt. B. K. Shastri Ji, the OM CHANDRAYA NAMA Mantra requires one to meditate on a moon on full moon day. The moon is said to be the representative of the feminine beauty and by meditating on the full moon day, one can draw Moon Lord’s full energy that in turn liberates the feminine beauty. While meditation, chanting the following mantra 108 times would gain beautification:

ll Om Chandraya Namah ll

Chanting this Mantra for 108 times or 54 times on Mondays, and on the full moon days would benefit you a lot.

Benefits of the Surya and Chandra Mantra

1. Increased Self-confidence

2. Early Marriage

3. Mesmerizing Beauty

4. Simple and Effective

Always remember, Beauty lies within us and these powerful Vedic mantras are the remedies to cure problems relating to skin and hair or anything else we have in our worldly life. But to get benefit from the mantras, we need proper guidance. So, consult Pandit Ji.

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