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Pandit B.K. Shastri Explains The Importance Of Planetary Positions

Pandit B.K. Shastri Explains The Importance Of Planetary Positions

 What is the biggest power that control our lives, activities? Is it our fate or Karma that lead us to the life path? Is there anything else that even control our fate, fortune, destiny?  Yes, Planetary Positions are the biggest concern that is also the key controller of our life, activities, achievements, difficulties. The famous astrologer in Karnataka Pt. B.K Shastri Ji will explain why is it called the Key Controller.  

Relation Between Fate, Karma & Planetary Positions

Fate plays it own role, while Karma its own. But the planets control it all. It is baseless to think karma, fate, and destiny liable for the events, acts, failures as well as achievements. It is nothing but the planetary influence that creates and manages actions, behaviour, situations and finally brings results in our daily life. Human life is a journey of various milestones that open up one by one for the entire lifetime after every new events. Every milestone is fixed earlier and we couldn’t change it. We face the situations and cross the milestones to reach our destination which is also pre-planned by fate. Now, this is based upon the laws of Karma. Sanchit/Prarabdha Karma thet is accumulated from the past lives influence fate. And the planets influence the life path that leads to the final destination.         

Explanation of the Planetary Influences

As the Vedic astrology explains, every individual is an absolute microcosmic system which denotes the manifestation of macrocosmic system. That’s why, astrology deals with the Grahas (planets) in an individual’s horoscope (the representation of microcosmic system). Every single person has matchless set of combinations of diverse planetary energies that come together and create a completely unique life story that is considered as a minuscule part of the Kaal-Purusha. As far as every human life is different, their planetary alliances are different and there is no repetition of any microcosmic system.   

Prana or  the Life Force Energy of an individual is the main conductor of the entire effective mechanism and the consequences of planetary energies. The planetary energies hit the Pranic energy fields of an individual in the course of breath, with the means of Ida & Pingla nadi and influence one’s mind as ideas.     

Moon acts as the major influence on mind. Moon works as an archery that helps the other planetary forces to shoot an arrow during their transit, dasha and bhukti.

In a beautiful verse in the Bhagavad Gita, we see Lord Krishna conveying:

“manah shashthani indryani prakrutisthani karshati”

It states that it is these six senses – the mind and the five physical senses that create hostility in one’s entire nature. And, that is the complete effort of Yoga –

“yogah chittvrutti nirodah”

It means Yoga works upon forfeit the illusions of the chitta or consciousness.

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