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Keep On Traditions With Astrological Help

Keep On Traditions With Astrological Help

There are many people who live in the foreign countries but stay deeply connected to their traditional root. Such an event, that is celebrated very traditionally among the Hindu Indians is the Naming Ceremony. Yes, we are talking about the naming of your new born. We know you will love to give your child a name that is approved by the little one’s birth chart and will help bring happiness and success in life path. So, how to get help in this situation when you are abroad? No problem! Visit us to consult the best Indian pandit in Australia Pt. B.K Shastri Ji. He is an expert in this long practiced section of ancient Vedic Astrology.  

Name Numerology – What & Why

There is a mystical connection between the alphabets and the numbers. Only a Vedic Astrology specialist is able to explain the core factors of Numerology and can give you great insight on the personality, beneficial life areas, health, career choices, financial condition, love & marriage life of the newborn native. Hence, by consulting an Indian pandit in Australia online, you can solve your queries concerning your newborn’s future.   

As per the traditional Indian numerology practices, every alphabet is assigned with a particular number and these are –  

A, I, J, Q, Y – No. 1
B, K, R – No. 2
C, G, L, S – No. 3
D, M, T – No. 4
E, H, N, X – No. 5
U, V, W – No. 6
O, Z – No. 7
F, P – No. 8

So, why is this Name Numerology important for the newborn? It is because the names play influential role in deciding one’s future life. According to the practices of the Name Numerology, the first name is considered for deciding a person’s personality, desire and thoughts while the last name is apt to show the personal qualities and genetic endowment of the person. Hence, the name is the very first  element to determine the personality like calm, constructive,  enthusiastic, humble, expressive, temperament etc. of the newborn. It also informs the future prospects and the nature of life experiences of your child. Moreover, Name Numerology also indicates what type of  may come in the life of the native and bestow your child with goodness.  

Birth Number And Name Number

But while naming a baby, Birth Number is equally important with Name Number. Name must be given based on name numbers that are in accordance with birth numbers. But when your name is not potential with your birth number, only a astrologer specialist for online vashikaran in Australia may help you solve the problems and give the name the potentially strong face.

The most powerful and energized Name Numbers include 13, 17, 22, 26, 29, 44, 47, 62.  Though every common person won’t be able to carry on the strength of the numbers, but when these are implied on the right person, they do embrace success and enjoy life.

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