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Libra Horoscope

Monthly Dec 2021

Patience must be the prime word for you while mingling with your siblings, as you may never understand where you have gone wrong in dealing with them. Your ability to face matters confidently may help to deal with some harsh situations patiently. Try to keep a tight grip on your emotions towards others. Your romantic life is far more a journey into fantasy land than an earthbound evening of parties and dances. You are a better judge of people and you can assess the situation better than anybody in your social circle. This quality of yours may prove as a boon to your family and your loved ones. Your critical and argumentative nature towards your subordinates may bring out a negative approach from them even towards the wise and intelligent decisions you take. You may find everything in favor of you as your subordinates and seniors may all be encouraging in your new project. Hence, do take advantage of the situation and work towards your goals effectively and efficiently. If you get reluctant in using your analyzing power more effectively you may fall into a state of a rut, leaving you with unfinished projects. Find some ways to communicate with others more reasonably, understandably, and gently. A trip with your near and dear ones may lead you to some thrilling moments. Enjoy it, as these are not the moments you get often. Busy schedules may force you to postpone a trip that you were eagerly waiting for since long.It would be better if you give a thought before getting committed and starting a new relationship. As your time is now favorable, you may get proper guidance to choose the best.

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