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Functional Malefic & Benefic Planets

Functional Malefic & Benefic Planets

Vedic astrology works closely with the planets and their positions as the planets have great influence on every individual. Moreover, there are certain situations the usually benefic planets become malefic. So, what’s the reason of such behaviour of the planets? Famous Babaji astrology specialist in Delhi Pt. B.K Shastri Ji will explain how it happens and which are functional malefic & benefic planets.  

The Basic Idea of Functional Malefic Planets

Every ascendant (Lagna) in the Vedic astrology has definite planets that though are benefic in nature, but become malefic for that specific ascendant. For example, Jupiter and Moon are friendly planets and their conjunction is usually good and supports each other. A person with this planetary combination in their birth chart feel blessed in the areas that are ruled by the Jupiter and the Moon. But in case the planet Saturn is a part of the conjunction, complications arise.

On the other hand, both Rahu (the North / ascending node) and Ketu (the South / descending) are always acting as the functional malefic for all of the astrological ascendants. Such as, in Cancer ascendant, Sagittarius becomes the 6th house which is the moola trikona sign of Jupiter, hence; makes this usually benefic planet Jupiter the functional malefic one. Along with this the natural maleficsRahu and Ketu are added.  
Moreover, with the Moon in conjunction in 6th, 8th or 12th house it results in more adverse conditions like bad health (in 6th house), mental illness (in 12th house, ) etc.  

Functional Benefic Planets

The functional benefic for an ascendant is essential to do good to the native. The ascendant indicates the person and the benefic planets are those which help the person. Those planets which rule the trikona house for the ascendant but do not have the moola trikona sign in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, become the functional benefic planet.

List of the Functional Malefic & Benefic Planets 

Below we have listed the Functional Malefic and Benefic Planets regarding the Ascendants.

Functional Malefic Planets

Aries– Mercury, Rahu & Ketu
Taurus– Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu & Ketu
Gemini– Rahu & Ketu
Cancer– Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Leo– Moon, Rahu & Ketu
Virgo– Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Libra– Mercury, Rahu & Ketu
Scorpio– Venus, Rahu & Ketu
Sagittarius– Moon, Rahu & Ketu
Capricorn– Sun, Jupiter, Rahu & Ketu
Aquarius– Moon, Mercury, Rahu & Ketu
Pisces– Sun, Saturn, Venus, Rahu & Ketu

Functional Benefic planets

Aries– Mars, Sun, Jupiter & Moon
Taurus– Venus, Saturn & Mercury  
Gemini– Mercury, Venus & Saturn  
Cancer– Moon & Mars
Leo– Sun, Mars & Jupiter
Virgo– Mercury & Venus
Libra– Venus & Saturn
Scorpio– Mars, Jupiter, Moon & Sun
Sagittarius– Jupiter, Mars, Mercury & Sun
Capricorn– Venus, Saturn & Mercury
Aquarius– Saturn & Venus
Pisces– Jupiter, Moon & Mars

The functional malefic planets result in hardship, failure in life. Hence, to find solution and remedy for the following situation, consult online astrologer in Hyderabad Pt. B.K Shastri Ji here. His expert suggestion will save you from the difficulties and uncanny events.  

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