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Pandit B.K. Shastri Explains The Importance Of Planetary Positions

 What is the biggest power that control our lives, activities? Is it our fate or Karma that lead us to the life path? Is there anything else that even control our fate, fortune, destiny?  Yes, Planetary Positions are the biggest concern that is also Read more...

Keep On Traditions With Astrological Help

There are many people who live in the foreign countries but stay deeply connected to their traditional root. Such an event, that is celebrated very traditionally among the Hindu Indians is the Naming Ceremony. Yes, we are talking about the naming Read more...

Save Your Marriage - Consult Pt. B.K. Shastri

Marriage is a holy bonding between two souls and in Indian culture, marriage has its own accolade. But at the present scenario, number of marriage brake ups have grown in alarming stage. What is the reason behind it? Hence, in this article, the famous Read more...

Functional Malefic & Benefic Planets

Vedic astrology works closely with the planets and their positions as the planets have great influence on every individual. Moreover, there are certain situations the usually benefic planets become malefic. So, what’s the reason of such behaviour Read more...

Make Love Life Easy With Astrological Help By B.K. Shastri

Are you in a love relationship that is troubled or disapproved by the parents? Don’t panic, these are usual problems in love. There may be more severe problems in love life as intercaste marriage problems, love triangle etc. But all these problems Read more...

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