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Astrological Remedies How To Quit Smoking By Best Astrologer In Bangkok

Astrological Remedies How To Quit Smoking By Best Astrologer In Bangkok

The Astrology of Addiction

The Famous Greek Physician, Hippocrates (460-337 BC) is regarded as the Father of medicine, demanded his students to study astrology, saying, “He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool.”
In Vedic Astrology, addiction represents the cross boundaries and tries in achieving excess desire in one which destroys the peaceful life that depends on what addiction type you are addicted to. The prime planet for addiction is Rahu. When a person’s Rahu is strong such as debilitated Rahu or exalted Rahu, it gives away to addiction if placed in the house of Kama and in some cases in 1 st//2nd/3rd/7th/8th/11th/12th house. Addiction may be of any kind such as wealth, forgery, desire, women, fraud, alcohol or smoking, or etc.  
The master of addiction is due to Rahu addiction and when it especially connects with Moon, it tends to overtake and control the qualities of Moon. The main quality of the moon is functioning or running the mind and thoughts occurring which one fails to control. In many cases, Pt. B. K. Shastri Ji, one of the Best Astrologer in Bangkok, have observed in a certain condition such as in same pad or nakshatra or degree wise, Moon and Rahu have the tendency to come closer. This is when people tend to involve in wrongful deeds.
One of the main problems most of us suffer from is How to Quit Smoking! Smoking is one the deadliest habits which may even lead to fatal diseases and death even. It becomes really very difficult for one to quit. Many of my clients seek remedies to quit smoking and asked me ways to quit it through astrological remedies. Many of u really want to know how they have quit it because you want to quit smoking. One of the single greatest risk factors in acquiring Cancer is Smoking. Worldwide, consumption of tobacco has estimated to cause 100 million of deaths and if it continues in such trends it would kill 1000 million in this century.  

Causes Of Smoking In Astrology Explained By Best Astrologer In Bangkok

Pandit Ji, the Best Astrologer in Bangkok to seek astrological remedies for smoking explains much more in details how Moon has a connection with Saturn and Mars making the person more prone to smoking. Mercury is also afflicted with it. Having an affliction of Moon shows the emotional disturbance and unstable mind due to which a person feels uncomfortable to adjust itself to the surrounding environment.
Smoking for time being might make one feel good about it, but it is harmful to your health and makes you weak from inside. When the Moon is in the 8th house, it is said to be Malefic which is said to be in a bad position or under bad influence. There must be some affliction to the 8th house, where 4th being the Cancer Sign. Usually, in this position, the Moon is a waning position for the affected person. The 2nd house always represents mouth, food, throat so it must be Malefic. Hence, the 2nd, 4th, 6th houses are afflicted by Mercury and Moon playing a vital role in making the person much more prone and addicted to smoking.  
Why Pandit Ji is regarded as the Best Astrologer In Bangkok? Because he makes careful examination and assessment while suggesting astrological remedies to smokers. He observed that people with strong energy of Gemini, as in negatively strong, tend to be smokers. Gemini can be jittery and restless in nature, and those with strong influence under this sign often are chain smokers. Affective healing will not be useful for breaking the addiction, but alternative healthy methods for calming the mind and nerve will help.

Astrological Remedies Advised For Quitting Smoking By Best Astrologer In Bangkok

Smoking is one of the bad habits which becomes very difficult for one to leave. There are many smokers who are fighting every day to quit smoking. There are hundreds of people coming to Pandit Ji, the Famous Astrologer In Bangkok, to seek his astrological remedies for leaving smoking. So, seeing the urgency of thousands of smokers, we have come up with this post to give free tips and astrological remedies for quitting smoking. If you follow the tips described below, you might one day say ‘I DID IT!’.
Take a pack of cigarette used by you. Tie it in a non-shining red cloth and keep it hidden anywhere in your home. Do this for three months. If you do not see any improvements, throw away the old pack. Take a fresh packet and observe the similar. This time put some saffron in it and tie it in a yellow saffron color cloth and observe the similar manner.

You can also try to leave smoking by doing the following simple remedies:

1) Drink milk every day in between Sunset to sunrise putting in a little amount of Jaggery and Saffron in it.
2) Try to avoid consumption of oily and fried things. Consumption of simply digestible food is vital.
3) Taking a good amount of fresh Juices and fruits is a must for every day.
4) Take a small amount of barley. Touch it in your head and leave it to the temple. Leaving the barley at Lord Hanuman Temple will do you good.
5) Try to exercise, especially doing prayanam will help the most.
6) Serve Peepal tree every day.
7) Prepare some sweet using Gud or Jaggery. Cover it in a foil pack by putting some saffron in it. When you have the urge to smoke, eat a little bit of the sweet.
8) Respect your elders.
9) Taking saffron every morning and putting it in holy water and make a thick paste out of it. Offer tilak to Lord Vishnu every day. Take the remaining paste and Tilak yourself using the ring finger. Putting little paste at top of your head, in your naval region and tongue will help you the most.
It is not necessary or mandatory to do this remedy every day. You can choose to do any of it but try to perform as many as possible. In case of any trouble faced, you can always reach Pandit Ji at his email or through his website.

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