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Ancient Astrology – Cancer, the Deceptive Digger Explained By Indian Pandit

Ancient Astrology – Cancer, the Deceptive Digger Explained By Indian Pandit

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The star catalog of Babylonians, the Cancer constellation
was called originally the “AL.LUL,” a Sumerian word meaning and
literally translating as “deceptive digger”.

While the word “alluttu” in Akkadian word translates as
“pincers”, but no image of crab has been ever associated or found on the
boundary stone, making it doubtful that the constellation has ever seen as
that. However, there is another image that features the “deceptive digger”
quite prominently instead is the: Turtle.

The Turtle in Sumerian Mythology Explained By Indian

Indian Pandit, B.K. Shastri Ji says that unlike some of
the other constellations, AL.LUL doesn’t represent any major mythological figure
or God specifically – at least not we know of, but what we do know is that the
Turtle was associated with the Sumerian God of Creation, Water and Wisdom – The

 The shaping of the world with Enki’s great magic was his
attribution. He was the God of fresh waters and subterranean and as such was
also attributed with land fertilization. He was responsible for distributing
and keeping the Gifts of Civilization.

In mythology, the Sumerian God of Hunting and War,
Ninurta, desired these gifts and wanted to steal them. Enki sensed Ninurta’s
plans and asked a turtle to stop him before he would pursue with his act of
thievery. Ninurta was grabbed from behind by the turtle’s tendon, dug up a pit
with its claws and pulled him down into it.

Just like the Bull of Heaven, the turtle becomes the
champion of superior, the deity creator. But unlike Gugalanna, who was tasked
with divine distribution and retribution, the Turtle is given to a protective
attack which he carried out from the position of secrecy.

Unfortunately, the poem remains incomplete, “Ninurta
and the Turtle”, and we never got to learn his fate. The last we hear of the
turtle is that it relentlessly gnawing at Ninurta’s ankle as Enki mocks him
from high.

Enki: The Lord Of Waters

 Pandit Ji, the best Indian Pandit in UK, observes that the Lord
of Waters is Enki. Freshwater was seen as emission and it was him who directly
was responsible for land fertilizing, especially through flooding. We know that
omens that surround the sign of Cancer were used for predicting water levels in
Babylonians astrology.

It is not illogical to think that Enki, was responsible
for both holding and pouring back the waters, might send his follower, the
biting turtle, just as the dry month of summer was reaching its peak in the
fruitful Crescent. This assumption was supported by the fact which within
present in Babylonian star catalogs, AL.LUL is mentioned in association with
levels of water of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

As a constellation of prominence during the death season,
AL.LUL would closely have been associated with underworld and death, a theme we
would see reoccurring his equivalent in Egyptian times – the Scarab.

The Egyptian Connection – In Simple Words By Indian

 To put the connection in simpler words, Indian Pandit in Australia
explains that in Egyptian astrology, the Cancer constellation was seen not as
turtle or crab, but as a Scarab beetle – a creature associated closely with a
daily circle of Sun.

The ancient Egyptians saw a certain similarity with the
scarab beetle pushing the dung balls across the desert and the sun being also
pushed through the sky, past the horizon, and into the underworld, only to
again emerge the next day. Thus, the scarab was started associating with death,
birth, and regeneration, as was Khepri, the solar deity, who embodied this

Like Enki, Khepri was associated with the creation or
shaping the world. He was also to be an important aspect of rotation of Sun:
when Sun rises up from the horizon and out of the underworld. Like Khepri, the
turtle rises up from the beneath the earth, only to return to underworld
eventually – a clear reference made to the cycle of life, birth, and death. We
know that Turtles in Egyptians are associated with the underworld, and interestingly,
Enki himself resides in the deep ocean called the Abzu.  

Enki was God of Magic and Wisdom. He also protected the
humanity from calamity, illness and evil spirits. As his champion, the turtle
would have shared all these aspects. Egyptians used the tortoise and
the turtle in all magic and medicine, as a protection from death, illnesses,
and demons.

Cancer’s Ancient Associations

After close examination, we see that ancient people of
Egypt and Mesopotamia most likely saw the Cancer zodiac sign as having the
following characteristics: gnawing, healing, intelligence, intuition,
justice, life, magic, order, penetration, sacrifice, spiritual protection,
stealth, defense, determination, fearlessness, fertility, creation,
cunning, death, deception, pursuit, protection, psychic
perception,power, regeneration, relentlessness, strength, tenacity, the
Underworld, water, and wisdom.

Indian Pandit Explains Characteristics Of Cancer

Indian Pandit Ji observes that Cancers are deeply
sentimental and intuitive. Cancer can be one of the most sensitive and
challenging zodiac signs to know. They are very sensitive and emotional and
deeply care about the family matters and their home. Cancer is attached and
sympathetic to people whom they keep close. Those born under the zodiac of
Cancer are very loyal and empathize with other people’s sufferings and pain.

Lack of patience and love can manifest through mood
swings, and even self-pity, selfishness or manipulation. They are quick to help
people, just as they are quick to avoid any conflict, and benefit rarely from
the close combat of any kind, always choosing to hit someone bigger, stronger
or even powerful than they can imagine.

Cancer zodiac sign belong to Water element,
just like Pisces and Scorpio. Guided by their heart and emotion, they could
have a hard time blending into surrounding around them. Ruled by the moon, the
phases of the cycle of lunar deepen their characteristics and
internal mysteries creating a fleeting of emotional patterns which are far
beyond control at times. As children, they don’t seem to coping and defensive
mechanisms for the outer world.

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